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Frequently Asked Questions

what is viva?

Viva is a fully synthetic thatch roofing system made of HDPE that’s independently waterproof.

Is Viva Flammable?

Viva received a U.L./ASTM Class A fire rating.

How is Viva installed? Does a special roofing contractor have to install it?

Viva can be installed using nails or screws. Most roofing contractors and even the Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts can easily handle the installation.

Do I need to install netting to protect it from wind or birds?

No. Viva is hurricane wind rated up to Category 5, and is impervious to insects, birds and rodents.

How long will a Viva roof last?

Viva has provided decades of maintenance free roofing. It has a 20 year warranty to protect it from fading, rot, and decay. Viva has proven to withstand extreme weather conditions as well.

How does Viva perform in extreme climates?

It can be installed in climates all around the globe without affecting the quality of the product.